Aims and tasks of forum

1) Professional development of piano youth through the individual lessons with the invited lecturers, participation in lectures, solo and chamber concerts as well as through the exchange of experiences with friends 

2) Increasing the piano teacher's qualifications through the active participation in their show and individual lessons and other students, exchanging of experiences as well as participation in lectures

3) Establishing cultural and music contacts. The exchange of youth from music schools

4) Setting new standards in the education of children and youth

5) Promoting the unique young youth on the international arena by granting the  "PARNASES" awards - three equal prizes

6) Thanks to the support of private sponsors and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the participation and accomodation on Forum is possible for ca. 25 participants, the most talented youth from poorer environment f

7) Promotion of music in the smaller towns

8) Extending an offer of concerts about artistic events in this region of Poland

9) Cultural activation of Bieszczady region and Podkarpacki province through the popularization of music in local environment and mobilization for participation in cultural events. Spreading the spirit of solidarity, raising the level of cooperation

10) International Piano Forum „Bieszczady without boundaries” is unique on international scale because it combines the full range of knowledge necessary for young musicians: from the theory to the practice of music, from the knowledge of the methods to practice, from health and rehabilitation activities to activities concerned with the promotion and basis of knowledge of the business world. Forum participants are involved in:

a) winter academy of music with the traditional course piano, on which the champions of world format conduct classes.

b) specialistic courses expanding knowledge of the elements difficult to access in the normal  cicle of school and academic studies

c) international music festival

d) competition for the most interesting personality pianist Forum, which is resolved by the Programme Council of the Forum. The winners of the three major awards - "Golden Parnasow" receive a sculpture by Adam Gromek, an invitation to the next edition of the International Piano Forum and artistic scholarship for individual lessons with a teacher in Poland.

f) promotion of Polish Bieszczady Mts. and culture of Podkarpacki Region as well as understanding the culture and tradition of neighbors. Youth from Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland will be leaving at the same hotel, will be eating meals together and also will be discovering for themselves a culture and folk art of Bieszczady supported by the tour guide.