International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without Borders”

In accordance with clause 7, subclause 1 (§ 7 pkt. 1 statutu), the Podkarpacka Foundation for the   Development of Culture realizes its goals through the organization of the International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without Borders” (Międzynarodowego Forum Pianistycznego „Bieszczady bez granic”) in Sanok, Poland.


The organizer of the International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without Borders” (henceforth called the Piano Forum) is the Podkarpacka Foundation for the Development of Culture (henceforth known as the Foundation) of Sanok. One may take part in this Piano Forum as either an Active Participant or Passive  Participant. The Schedule of the Forum will be provided to each Active Participant prior to the day of the Piano Forum’s incipience (end of January). This will include the dates and times of individual lessons, open lectures, concert programs, and other such planned activities pertaining to the Piano Forum. The Schedule provided will be determined by the Chairman of the Piano Forum and these decisions shall be final.

§ 2
  1. The Piano Forum is addressed to musicians, students of Music Schools, students of Music Academies and Institutions of Higher Education, as well as Concert Pianists.
  2. The Piano forum beings on February 6th, 2022 and ends on February 11th, 2022
  3. In order to partake in the Piano Forum, each Applicant must send by e-mail a completed Application Form no later than December 31th, 2021. The form is found in the link below: 
  4. Should an Applicant be interested in performing works for Piano and Symphonic/Chamber Orchestra, we ask that they apply by November 30th, 2021. This would allow time for the Orchestras to rehearse and for the Foundation to prepare advertisements.
  5. The number of Applicants is limited.
§ 3
  1. ACTIVE participants are guaranteed to receive the following:
  • Welcome Package which is comprised of the official schedule of the Piano Forum, forms pertaining to regulations of the Piano Forum, a map of the city, as well as a nametag
  • A minimum of 2 lessons with our esteemed Professors and Pedagogues- public masterclasses and/or individual lessons
  • Opportunities to attend the lectures planned for the  Piano Forum
  • Opportunities to perform at the “Young Philharmonic” Concert Series, educational concerts, as well as Festival Concerts on the basis of prepared repertoire submitted by Applicant
  • Guaranteed opportunities to practice a minimum of 1 hour a day, depending on the availability of instruments to practice upon, provided that the applicant signs up earlier at the MFP office
  • The opportunity for a Rehabilitation Consultation
  • Free admission to every open Masterclass and concert planned at PSM
  • Free admission to concerts performed at SDK
  • A Participation Certificate which verifies the Applicants participation at the International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without Borders” in Sanok
06.02.2022 - Inauguration Gala
07.02.2022  – Jazz Concert
08.02.2022 - ”Tatiana Shebanova in memoriam” Concert
09.02.2022 - ”City Forum” Concert
10.02.2022 – Concert "Basics of conducting"
11.02.2022 – Final Gala Concert

PLEASE BE AWARE that though Active Participants are granted free admission at each concert, seats will be taken on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to audience members which have purchased and reserved a seat.

  1. Passive Participants (including but not limited to: family members of an Active Participant, teachers, music aficionados etc.)  are guaranteed the following at the completion of their registration:
  • Welcome Package which is comprised of the an event schedule of the Piano Forum, forms pertaining to regulations of the Piano Forum, a map of the city, as well as a nametag that must be worn at all times
  • The option to observe lectures organized to take place at the Piano Forum (please note that Non-Active Participants will not receive a Certificate that verifies their attendance at the lectures or courses)
  • Free admission to morning concerts titles „The Little Philharmonic Festival” which shall take place at the PSM in Sanok
  • Access to concerts planned to take place in Poland, Slovakia, and/or the Ukraine as the Active Participants Guardian (provided that a seat is available in the bus)
  • Free admission to all public Masterclasses and concerts planned to take place at the  PSM
  • Access to group lessons and individual lessons as the Guardian of Active Participant partaking in these lesson
  • Free admission to all Piano Forum concerts at the SDK with the exception of the concert titled „The City Forum”. Reservations may be made over the phone at the following number:
    +48 13 464 03 44 / 781 102 500  or by contact the Foundation at the following email address: ZnVuZGFjamFAaW50ZXJwaWFuby5wbCAmbmJzcDs=

PLEASE BE AWARE that though Non-Active Participants are granted free admission at each concert, seats will be taken on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to audience members which have purchased and reserved a seat.

  1. Purchasing the Non-Active Participant Package will simplify your time and participation at the Piano Forum and grants you the opportunities as listed above. The option of purchasing tickets to individual concerts as well as a Festival Pass is also available.
§ 4
  1. It is required that each Applicant interested in the Piano Forum pay the registration fee within 7 working days following the submission of their Registration Form.
a)    ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS             680.00 PLN/ 150 EUR / 3800 UAH
b)    NON-ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS  300.00 PLN/  50 EUR / 2000 UAH
  1. Payment is to be made to the following account:
To: Podkarpacka Fundacja Rozwoju Kultury
Address: ul. 3 Maja 15, 38-500 Sanok
For Applicants from Poland:      
BANK PEKAO SA nr 72 1240 2340 1111 0010 5504 9972
For Applicants from the Ukraine:
ЄДРПОУ 40125148     р/рах.№26004053703247          вПАТКБ "ПРИВАТБАНК"
ЄДРПОУ 14360570     кодбанку 325321
For International Applicants (apart from those from the Ukraine):
No. of IBAN: PL 91 1240 2340 1978 0010 4831 7354       SWIFT/ BIC code: PKOPPLPWXXX 
  1. Applicants who are in need of a Visa Invitation must mark the option “I am need of a Visa Invitation” found in the Registration Form as well as properly filling out their Passport information. Once completed, the Applicants will receive the Visa Invitation via post and e-mail as provided in the Registration Form.
  2. The Visa Invitation will only be granted once proof of payment has been processed and received by the bank account provided (please note that Applicants from the Ukraine pay to an account unique to them). Once the payment to the Foundation’s account has been confirmed, the Visa Invitation will be prepared and sent within the following 14 work days. This Visa Invitation will be sent no more than once. In the event that the Visa Invitation be processed incorrectly due to mistakes made by the Applicant, the possibility of sending a corrected Visa Invitation exists provided that the Applicant pay the handling fees. These costs are determined by the rates provided by the Polish Post (Poczta Polska).
  3. In the event the Applicant resigns;
a)     After 31.12.2022, the registration fee will not be refunded
b)     Prior to 31.12.2022, the Applicant will be reimbursed the registration fee minus the handling cost of a maximum of 10% the registration fee.
§ 5
  1. ACTIVE Participants may possibly be awarded one the many awards known as the “Golden Parnassus” (awarded to 3 Participants) or any of the many distinctions and awards that include invitations to concerts, scholarships, invitation to competitions or courses, recording sessions, or “assistance in scholarly work”.
  2. Awards are distributed at the conclusion of the Festival during the Closing Ceremony and Gala. Should the participant awarded not attend the Closing Ceremony and Gala, monetary and other such awards will be forfeited while Diplomas will be send by mail at the request of the Participant
§ 6
  1. Changes in the Regulations for the Competition are made by the Committee of the Foundation.
  2. Regulations of the Competition are binding once the application form is received and continue to be binding until its nullification.

    *The Chairman of the Piano Forum selects how Masterclasses and Solo Opportunities are to be distributed amongst Applicants.