"We are in spite of the dignified seriousness concert halls, in spite of the tedious daily life of musicians, in spite of the sworn music lovers, and in spite of the fans of rock, rap or pop who are afraid of classics like the plague. We treat our Mother music with a humorous irony and we're sure that it will not be offended ". Artur Renion

The MoCart's Group is a string quartet with ambitions of cabaret music. The band is formed by four graduates of the Academy of Music in Warsaw and Lodz: Filip Jaślar, Michał Sikorski, Paweł Kowaluk and Bolek Błaszczyk. A common activity in a slightly different composition they began in 1995. At that time together with the MoCart's Group performed a cellist Artur Renion who died tragically in 2000. Initially they cooperated with Canal + TV presenting a short 2 - 3 minute musical jokes. The band made his first appearance in front of an audience at the 13th Review  of Cabarets "PaKa 97". In May of the same year, there was held the premiere of the first program entitled "Mozart ever alive".Since that time, the Group is actively involved in concerts activities. In July and September 1997 it registered the songs contained in the "Mozart ever alive" for Polish Radio the 3rd Program, and in February 1998 thanks to Selles publishing there was released the first album of the band. The MoCart's Group repeatedly appeared on television. (TVP1, TVP 2, regional TV - Łódź, Wrocław, Katowice). Until October 2000 the Group's cellist was died tragically Artur Renion. Since December 2000 a new member of the Group is Bolek Blaszczyk.

Gained awards: Grand Prix of the 18th Feasts of Satire and Humour "Złota szpilka" (EN: Gold pin) 1997, the 2nd award from Review of Cabarets PaKa 1998 and 2000, "Pingwin z brązu" (EN: Penguin in bronze)- Award of cabaret environment from Zielona Góra, Grand Prix from Festival of a Good Humour in Trójmieście, 2002. In 1999 the Group presented their own program entitled "The Four Seasons by the MoCart's Group".

The MoCart'sGroup is not only a musical cabaret. The team performs also the classical repertoire, and also deals with pop music (it cooperated with such artists as Maryla Rodowicz, Natalia Kukulska, Grupa pod Budą, Marian Opania, Włodzimierz Korcz, Artur Andrus, Czerwony Tulipan, Kayah, Piasek and mime Ireneusz Krosny) In October 1998 the Group took part in the prestigious festival "Gaudeamus" in Wroclaw, gaining a very favorable reviews in the magazine "The Musical Movement" (PL: Ruch Muzyczny). Since then, the MoCart's Group is frequently invited to the philharmonic halls in Poland, and also goes for concerts abroad (Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, China, Japan).

In October 2000, it was released a second Group's album : "The creatures or Four Seasons by Group MoCarta" (publishing of CDR, distribution  of Pomaton EMI). In July 2002, the quartet took part in a concert of well-known jazz artist  Bobby McFerrina during Warsaw Summer Jazz Days.

In March 2004, released another album Group Fri. "Four strings of the world", and in March 2005 it's been 10 years since the foundation of the quartet!

The year 2007 is a special year in the career of MoCart's Group. The team celebrated its tenth anniversary again - this time tenth anniversary of its presence at the prestigious cabaret review PAKA in Cracow. The concert was transmitted by Television Poland.

In September 2007, was released the long awaited DVD album assembly, and less than a month later - CD with recording of the concert in the radio studio named after Agnieszka Osiecka. Among the invited guests for the concert, on that album you can hear: Artur Andrus, Włodzimierz Korcz and Wojciech Karolak. The album achieved a multi - platinum status!

The second DVD album - premiere on November 21, 2008 - entitled "Mocart's Group in Theatre" and contains a material recorded from October 6, 2008 on the stage of Polish Theatre in Wrocław. The evening was filled with recent tracks of quartet, as well as with those ones which with a heavy heart were skipped in the quartet's first album DVD. The concert was led by Andrzej Poniedzielski.

January 20, 2010, it is a premiere date of  "The best of MozART Group" DVD album designed specifically for foreign markets.

In March the MoCart's Group celebrated the 15th anniversary of artistic activity. A special anniversary celebration took place on April 26 at Piwnica pod Harenda (EN: Cellar under Harenda).