International Piano Forum

International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without Borders” (MFP) is one of the largest community-driven academic projects of the Carpathian Region in Europe. Annually, at the cusp of January and February, you will find that Sanok becomes the wintery Capital of Pianists, with over 500 participants from all corners of Europe and beyond.

This Forum is an educational opportunity worthy of the attention of young pianists, for it is a place where the exchange of ideas and experiences are had amongst students. Here, common interests and passions lead the way for cooperation amongst unfamiliar faces. You will find that the whole spectrum of knowledge, both the theoretical and the practical, are addressed. From methods of practicing, courses on self-care and rehabilitation, to training in the business side of culture and self-promotion, this Forum leaves few, if any, questions of young pianists unaddressed. Ultimately, it is here that prestigious Masters and Pedagogues of the Art of Piano meet with talented and promising young pianists.

 Active Participants which Qualify will take part in the following:

a)       Individual lessons and masterclasses with our prestigious Pedagogues
b)      Thematic Courses
c)       Concerto Performance- a series of opportunities performing alongside an symphonic orchestra
d)      Lectures and Presentations given by esteemed guest Professors   
e)      Competitions for prestigious awards such as the XVIII MFP and the “Golden Parnassus 2023”

Regulations pertaining to one’s participation at the MFP may be accessed at:

Application Forms may be found at:

Over the past 16 editions of the Forum, we have realized:

  • 348 concerts (including 91 concerts which involved either a Chamber or Symphonic Orchestra) held in over 73 cities across 4 countries (Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, the Ukraine and Slovakia) to live audiences that number over 110 000 and around a million through the internet or radio
  • 4800 hours of individual lessons and 437 hours of open lessons, many recorded on camera
  • 410 hours of lectures and specialist courses that have reaches over 2 thousand students
  • Cooperation with approximately 300 esteemed Pianists and Pedagogues, including many Award winning finalists and judges of the Internation Chopin Competition in Warsaw including the late Tatiana Shebanova, Kevin Kenner, Philippe Giusiano, Akiko Ebi, Eugen Indjic, Takashi Yamamoto, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, Andrzej Jasiński, Irina Pietrova, Mihail Woskriesienski

The International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without Borders” is supported by

  • Media Outlets such as: TVP3 Rzeszów, TVP Kultura, Polskie Radio Rzeszów, Radio dla Ciebie,, nowiny gazeta codzienna, nowiny24,, Korso Gazeta Sanocka,, Nowe Podkarpacie, Tygodnik Sanocki, TVObiektyw
  • Government Bodies and Institutions of Poland such as: the National Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Voivodeship Marshals of Subcarpathia, the Sanok Country and its elected, National Institute of Music and Dance, the Slovenian Institute in Poland, the National Institute of Education (Narodowy Instytut Kształcenia)